Leere Wiese

The first small project in the garden I wanted to create two beds. The whole thing should take place without digging. That’s why I decided to use the No-Dig method. This saved me the work of cutting off a sod and having to dig the bed deep.

Kartons als Bodenabdeckung gegen Unkraut

The boxes deprive the weeds of sunlight and they die slowly.
This leaves the soil completely alone and thus all soil life and organisms are not disturbed.

Holzbretter als Abrundung der Beete

To better finish the beds I still had sorted out boards available with which I could border the beds.
The size of a bed is 4 meters by 1.15 meters.

Beete mit Kompost gefüllt

Finally, only compost goes directly on the boxes.
I will plant here first spinach, lamb’s lettuce and radishes. These should not root so deep and the cardboard should not interfere.
Next year, then the cardboard should be rotten and I can plant other vegetables.